A new front arrives this evening encouraging a few spotty showers and even a thunderstorms to move about some of the driest locations in the state.


We cannot get to excited about the rain “chance” this evening but any little bit we get we will take. Late Wednesday, a wind shifting front along with peak heating of the day has encouraged a few of tense puffy cumulus clouds to perk up and become a downpour and even a storm. Just after 5pm a passing storm dropped the temperature into the upper 70s in Lafayette while many locations remained very warm and nearing 90-degrees. The possibility of one or two of these showers or storms passing overhead is awfully slim but they will moving southeast and roaming the area before 12am. Coverage will only reach 20% of the area early this evening.

We need much more help than isolated showers and storms in central Indiana. We’ve reached 31 days in this dry spell that currently ranks 6th driest on record for the calendar dates. Since June 13, less than one-inch of rain has fallen officially for Indianapolis, surpassing 4″ below normal as of today in that span. The largest deficit of rainfall in the entire state lies right in the heart of central Indiana.

Behind the passing front tonight we will enjoy comfortable levels of Thursday to close out the work week. This will lead to nice nighttime lows early Thursday and Friday morning but the humidity is set to return to open the weekend. The dew point, the real measure of moisture in the atmosphere will surge above 60-degrees this weekend and remain well above it for the foreseeable future. The sticky feel will be felt for several days and could even combine to produce triple-digit heat indices early next week. We are currently forecasting very hot and humid day Tuesday. However the added humidity also adds better rain chances and the best chance of rain is still favoring Sunday.

For several days the weekend outlook has favored numerous showers and storms starting as early as Sunday morning. At this distance we are nudging the rainfall coverage to over 60% areal coverage and some locations could receive rainfall in excess of one-inch. We will have the rain chance in better focus later this week so stay tuned. Moving forward, if Sunday’s rain does not pan out, the extended outlook for the next six to ten days still leans toward below normal precipitation.