There was a surge in humidity ahead of an approaching front Monday night and it increases a threat of a storm or two overnight


Right back into the humidity Monday afternoon. Surging over 20-degrees since same time Sunday, it will be more sticky (MUGGLY) overnight. Sunday and Monday both topped 88° for a official high temperature for the city of Indianapolis but the added humidity really makes a difference. The heat index jumped up into the lower 90s Monday afternoon.

Uptick in puffy cumulus clouds west late day and along with more unstable air, gives some consideration that a storm or two will develop. LOW probability of a watch box being issued per NWS. Feeling is there is a very minimal chance these storms materialize next few hours. Later tonight rain chances come up some but again not looking like these storm will be substantial in coverage, I feel it will be more isolated at best. A wind shifting front will settle south overnight bringing a “chance” for more needed rainfall. Storm threat too (perhaps an isolated gusty/severe storm?) but coverage is minimal peaking at just nearly 20% before sunrise. Looks like that will be the last real rain chance until Sunday, still a small rain threat Wednesday but that looks to be slowly fading.

But is you like it sunny…We’ve add some clouds following Sunday, the sunniest day so far this July. JULY ranks second brightest annually with 66% possible sunshine. Still some room to improve as we sit at 44% thru Monday. Rest of the week will feature some sundrenched afternoons! Combined with eased humidity and heat we will have some nice afternoons this week.