Slow low keeps rain chances alive; summer warmth still on track


Positioned in Illinois late Monday, a counter-clockwise wind flow is evident funneling into a low pressure that will keep our weather unsettled to start the work week. A “closed low” refers to the lack of steering winds that are detached from the low pressure and explains why this system will take a little time to move on.

While churning overhead, the system will activate additional rain and thunderstorms across much of the eastern U.S. through Wednesday. Positioned tonight and Tuesday on the lows east and northeast flank means occasional showers and a few thunderstorms will be drawn back to eastern Indiana from Ohio into Tuesday morning.

With more rain on the way and over 3″ of rain falling since Thursday, flash flood watches are in effect over eastern Indiana into Tuesday evening. This is where the heavier totals are expected under some drenching downpours.

Since Thursday, rain fall totals have been more than three times the normal, and area creeks, streams and rivers are filling fast. While the flash flood conditions will lower starting Tuesday evening, low lying flooding could continue well into the weekend.


A warm streak snapped and ended at four straight days Monday. If you felt like the warmer afternoons have been in short supply, you are correct. This year has produced the FEWEST 70-degree days since 1997, with only two 80-degree days. That’s the lowest total to-date since 2006.

Though delayed, the long advertised warmup gets underway as the upper low departs mid-week. Temperatures are expected to surge into the 80s for the holiday weekend, starting Saturday at 81-degrees and climbing to 86-degrees by Monday, Memorial Day.

There is no ignoring that the month is about to turn very warm. While delayed, the heat looks to become well established in the final week of May, and there is a quite high probability that the entire nation will favor above normal temperatures entering the month of June.

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