We were on easy street to open November climbing to the 3rd warmest November on record entering the day. The long-advertised pattern change in now underway


Despite the falling temperatures Friday, we kept our streak of at or above normal days alive on reaching fifteen straight days. Each of the opening days this month have averages so far above normal that November 2022 is the 3rd warmest to-date with an average temperature of 57.8°. Only November 1975 (61.1°) and 1977 (61.6°) were warmer.

Friday turned cooler through the day but not before some early day highs well into the 60s. By nightfall temperatures had cooled to as much as 25-degrees colder than same time on Thursday.


For the first time in three weeks the low temperatures will drop to near freezing Saturday morning as a new pattern emerges. The jet stream has undergone a full on rearrangement that afford the colder air to surge into the eastern half of the Nation. That cold has been absent here but looks to take up an extended residancy, perhaps for the next two weeks. Afternoon temperatures will likely fail to reach the 50-degree mark for the next two weeks.


Despite a snowfall in mid-October we have not had an official ‘sticking’ snow in Indianapolis, a snow that can be measured. Saturday’s snow will be the first ‘sticking’ snow of the season. We’ve gone 207 days since last measured snow (April 18th’s 1″). This would be among the SHORTEST times between last and first snowfalls. The shortest span 180 days in 1900.

Opening the weekend with the cold air in now in place, a upper-level low will ride northeast into southern Indiana and developing snow here around sunrise. We are expecting a few hours of snow that may even become briefly heavy before tapering quickly after noon and into the early afternoon. It will be a wet snow and with some large flakes too, falling steadily or rapidly to accumulate on grassy and elevated surfaces to as much as an inch or more. Given the recent warmth, road temperatures are warm enough to prevent any considerable snow accumulation though a few overpasses could get slick.

Additional snowfall and some that may stick are also identified in the upcoming LONG RANGER extended forecast. It’s possible snow sticks early Tuesday and perhaps again next Wednesday and Thursday. Stay tuned, Ill keep an eye on things and be sure to enjoy the weekend!