INDIANAPOLIS – Snow is falling and temperatures are as well. The coldest weather since last March is on its way to Central Indiana.

Light snow lingers

Light snow & mixing has occurred at times on Tuesday throughout much of Indiana, primarily northern areas. No more than a dusting has accumulated however, and the bigger weather story heading into the overnight hours will be patchy areas of dense fog.

Temperatures on Wednesday will begin in the low 30s with a persistent overcast sky. A few snow showers will be in and out during the daylight hours, but our weather will change very little otherwise. Highs temps will remain in the upper 30s. Snow showers will begin to diminish once again after dark. As an aside, 6-12″ of snow is expected along parts of the Lake Michigan shoreline in Northwestern Indiana! Of course, this will be confined to those localized places out of our area.

Temperatures plummet late week

Highs will begin to collapse, even as our weather begins to dry on Thursday. While snow will be out of the area, other than a flurry or two, colder air will stick around. It will be a mostly cloudy and breeze day with highs in the mid 30s. Our coldest average high annually is 36 degrees, and this may be the start of several days below it!

Friday will be the coldest day of the week. It will be windy during the day, and it is unlikely that temperatures will range out of the twenties! Our feels-like temps should remain in the single digits and teens all day long.