New clouds and colder temperatures were returning late Wednesday and we will be cold enough for a little snow to fall.

So long sunshine, late day clouds are returning after spending time in what is called the storms “dry slot”. The region where jet stream winds blow strong and where air sinks, creating brighter skies overhead. As the storm departs, new clouds & colder air arrives. Temperatures have been steadily dropping off late day falling into the 30s just after sunset in Indianapolis. Area-wide temps fall to near freezing with a wind-chill into the middle 20s by sunrise.

January is among the cloudier months annually, ranking 2nd only trailing December. Despite the cold, we do gain 44 minutes of daylight by months end.

Speaking of sunshine – Today is a big day for Earth and Ole Sol. Today is Perihelion Day – It is the day when our planet is at its closest point in orbit to the sun, 91.41 million miles away, 3.1 million miles closer than on July 4th (Aphelion).

Snowfall again this year has been anemic. To-date about half the normal with only 4.4″ of snow this season. Over 60% of that total fell in November!
Some snow is possible Thursday. With the chilly air is returning, Thursday will feel and look more like January as scattered snow showers develop. Some minor accumulations are possible by evening.