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INDIANAPOLIS – With March 1st arriving, meteorological spring officially gets underway! 

There is excitement with the thought of a new season, but our meteorologists are saying, we may want to proceed with some caution in celebrating just yet! Several global and national weather indicators are showing winter is still far from over! 

After a historically warm start to this winter, the 5th warmest December ever, a seasonal lag is still partially entrenched across the US and Midwest. Some data suggests that since the winter was somewhat backloaded, meaning some of our highest snows didn’t occur until after the end of January, this may prolong spring warmth…at least sustained warmth bringing wild swings in temperatures and more active storms for the next 90 days (March, April, and May)!

The Climate Prediction Center indicates a slightly warmer and wetter spring outlook, this could still include snowfall chances and big dips in our temperatures. Also, a more active severe weather season for Indiana and the Ohio Valley! 

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