The chilly and damp weather is a product of an upper-level low pressure that is detached form the main branch of the jet stream, it will finally be on the move and we will see a dramatic turn back to real spring-like weather

The cold low is still churning overhead and wobbling slowly east Friday evening. It is responsible for generating unstable air while the April sun battles the cool temps. Numerous rain showers early evening were mixing down ice pellets at times.

Friday’s high of 48° was 13-degrees below normal and the normal high for March 6th. This was the coolest for this date in since 2018. It reached 67° last year on April 8th and near record warmth in 2020 reaching a high of 79°! (Record 83° set in 2001).

Once the low pulls far enough east we are in store for a big change. We can see Sunday’s weather Friday evening as we look at the warm up out west. As the upper-low wobbles east, skies are brightening and temperatures are jumping. The Second half of weekend turns spring-like here!


Before we make a switch to sunshine and more spring-like weather we’ll have to endure another chilly day. Temperatures will once again fail to reach 50-degrees Saturday and with more cold air settling south overnight rain showers will become snow showers through early morning. Spokes of energy are still pivoting around the low and one of these will drop across central Indiana through sunrise. Snow showers are likely after 2am and could reach peak coverage of around 20% at daybreak. Some of the snow could stick with minor accumulations possible under the more vigorous snow showers. Should snow stick, it will be to colder surfaces and not the roads, but could at times reduce visibility if travelling early Saturday especially north of Indianapolis.


With the low finally departing, it will make way for winds at all levels to turn southwest and bring strong warming early next week. We will rebound from 15° below normal to over 10° above normal starting Monday. THat means seventy-degree days are within reach! (And the crowd goes wild!) This young April is currently the coolest in four years and has only produced one afternoon above 60-degrees. 70-degree days are likely Monday through Wednesday before a stronger front sweeps the state Thursday morning.