Star’s Weather School: Observing the weather, making an anemometer

Star's Weather School

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — While your kids are at home all day, we want to help keep them engaged and entertained by learning about the weather.

Weather Authority Meteorologist Star Derry held her first session of “Weather School” on Wednesday, March 25. The Facebook Live video of the lesson is archived in the video player above.

Here’s a rundown of this week’s lesson:

  • Lesson: Weather observation tools like rain gauges and anemometers 
  • Craft: Making an anemometer out of Dixie cups
  • Supply list: 1 sharpened pencil, 1 thumb tack, 5 Dixie cups, 2 straws, a hole punch and a small fan

Join Star on Wednesday, April 1, for a lesson about forecasting the weather. Find the schedule here.

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