Comfortable weather Sunday; this week turns more humid


On Saturday, temperatures climbed into the mid-80s and even upper 80s in our southern counties. It might’ve been a very warm afternoon, but the humidity levels dropped in the wake of the cold front. The northwesterly breeze also helped with the comfort level during the heat of the day. Highs today are going to be slightly cooler, and the weather will remain comfy!

This morning, temperatures fell into the mid-to-upper 50s, and it was refreshing! Dew points below the 60° mark also made it feel less muggy compared to yesterday morning.

Skies are mostly sunny, and high pressure over the Michigan will contribute to the pleasant weather today. A few scattered clouds will move into the area late in the day as a weak wave of showers slides by Kentucky.

There could be a few showers overnight and early Monday for our southernmost counties. Downtown Indy will likely remain dry for the drive into work tomorrow with temperatures in the lower 60s.

The humidity and warmer weather will return to central Indiana midweek as winds shift out of the south. The Tuesday looks steamy with the potential of highs near 90° for locations in southern Indiana. A cold front late in the week will provide us the relief from the heat and humidity by next Friday.

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