Staying warm and muggy; daily shower/storm chances

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While we had a lot of dry time for the start of the weekend, we’ve also seen some very active weather. Plenty of moisture and energy has been ushered into the state thanks to a passing warm front. That, combined with an upper level disturbance primed the atmosphere for storm development here. As we heated up this afternoon, a cluster of storms developed and moved through parts of central Indiana, packing strong winds, heavy downpours and even hail at times.

The most active weather on Saturday afternoon developed across eastern Iowa, Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois where numerous tornadoes were reported. A Tornado Watch has been extended into portions of North-Central Indiana and includes Cass, White and Miami counties until 10 PM. While chances are extremely low for additional storm development in these areas Saturday night, the possibility cannot be completely ruled out.

Torrential downpours were seen in the area today and Indianapolis experienced it’s largest single day rainfall for the month, so far, at 1.64″! May is typically or wettest month of the year. To-date, we are now nearly 1.50″ above normal. This is a big change after coming off one of the driest April’s on record (15th).

A lot us hit 80° Saturday afternoon. Indianapolis was almost there (79°) but storms moving through during peak heating caused temperatures to be knocked down. We’ll get there on Sunday and could even be seeing the warmest air of the year, in the mid 80s. The warmest we’ve been, so far, is only 82°.

While it’s warm out, it’s humid too. Dew point temperatures have come up more than 10 degrees from where they were 24-hours ago, ranging in the mid 60s to as high as 70° in some locations. This is tropical air and it certainly feels like it. Typically, we say anything over 60° starts to get uncomfortable. These high dew point temperatures will hold for several days, making it feel quite muggy throughout the rest of the holiday weekend.

Warm temperatures combined with the humid air means that as we heat up to the mid 80s during the next couple afternoon, we could be calculating a Feels Like temperatures closer to the upper 80s and near 90°. A few storms are possible during the afternoon both Sunday and Monday but there will be PLENTY of time to get outdoors.

The warm and humid conditions will bring a threat for daily rainfall over the course of the next week. However, no day looks to be a washout, by any means.

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