A cold front will sweep the state and deliver a notable chilly by sunrise. Grab that winter coat as chilly days are to return.

Early morning showers lingered long enough to stunt larger storms from developing for most of central Indiana Wednesday but just a small window of dry time allowed more unstable air to surge north. The instability was just enough for developing storm to feed on and accelerated from Bedford, east to Seymour from 6pm through 9pm. The arcing line of storms would down power lines in Bedford with winds estimated by radar over 60mph. Late Wednesday reports were sparse downstate with speculation that some damage south of Greensburg was a tornado. NWS meteorologists will investigate Thursday but ultimately, most of the state faired very well considering there was a real potential for a wide-spread severe outbreak.

Several photos of the incoming storms are consistent with a shelf or roll cloud, not a funnel.

The majority of the severe storms and tornado reports were concentrated south.

Sent by Karole Trump from Bedford, Indiana.
Sent from Michelle Miller in Bedford, Indiana.
Sent from Michelle Miller in Bedford, Indiana.


Early Wednesday morning the low temperature was the warmest of 2022, look out! It will be sharply colder by sunrise. Skies will clear overnight but out the door early Thursday morning temperatures will have fallen into the mid/upper 30s.

A cooler spell is returning and temperatures are slide even further with lows early Easter morning below freezing! This looks to be the coolers Easter since 2018’s 46° high temperature.