Storms around for Labor Day


Heavy cloud cover and a few showers early in the day really held temperatures back this Sunday. Highs only peaked in the upper 70s and low 80s this afternoon. However, this was still comfortable.

Southwest winds are streaming more moisture to the state, bringing a rise to those dew point temperatures. We will be much more humid on Labor Day as dew point temperatures approach the upper 60s in many spots across central Indiana.

We’ll see more showers and storms around for Labor Day. A few strong, gusty storms can’t be ruled out. We’ll start seeing storms fire up out ahead of a cold front early Monday morning in northern Indiana. That frontal boundary will slide southeast through the state before stalling out across central Indiana during the afternoon. This will bring off and on showers around throughout the day. This front eventually lifts back north late Monday night and early Tuesday. By Tuesday, rain chances will be very minor but still possible, mainly north, as this boundary lingers nearby.

To our west, a large portion of the country is going to be shocked by dramatic shift in temperatures . Even after 7:00 PM EDT, much of the Great Plains and portions of the Rockies are experiencing temperatures above 90°. However, our jet stream is already on the move and in a big way. Much cooler air is pushing south from Canada and the our jet stream will take that cooler air as far south as southern Texas in these next few days. That will shift temperatures in this area from being 10 to 15 degrees above average to temperatures 20°+ below average in a very short amount of time.

Here in central Indiana, we stay on the warm side of this pattern and will actually see temperatures rising to near 90-degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday. More active weather returns late in the week and another push of cooler air brings back that fall-like feel.

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