Strange day of weather and rewriting the weather books Wednesday; Freeze will ease and temperatures surge next week



The official snowfall in Indianapolis Tuesday was 2″ setting a record for the date (April 20th) and it was the LARGEST snowfall so late in a season in 124 years! The 2″ total ranked second largest only to 1897’s 2.4″.

Seeing snow in late April isn’t all that uncommon but a sticking snow is. Many can recall snow at the track in early May of 1989. .2″ of snow was recorded that May 6th day the most recent late season sticking snow 32 years ago. The rarity of the snow and the amounts are truly stunning and April 20th, 2021 is only one of 10 dates on record with measured snow beyond April 20th. A historic weather event.

Wednesday morning’s snow cover of 18% has all but melted but is was the largest for the Contiguous U.S. for the date since the records began 17 years ago. Only April 21st, 2013 comes close but that snow cover was mainly in the Upper Midwest.


Following the historic snowfall and record breaking night of cold temperatures. The early Wednesday morning low of 26° shattered a record that stood for 114 years! At 2:43 am Wednesday the temperature dipped to 26° officially in Indianapolis. Scanning weather records, this is only the second time on record to be this cold this late into a spring. The other date was April 23rd 1986 with a record low of 26°.


From sun to snow to sun to rain to sun to sleet to thunder and lightning! That is our Wednesday afternoon in central Indiana. Instability is behind today’s afternoon downpours of snow, sleet and even rain. Strong April sun vs. chilly air builds clouds and eventual precipitation bearing clouds. A few thunderstorms were noted near Kokomo around 4:30pm and in eastern Tipton county (Windfall) late day. Beyond the peak heating of the day and as we near sunset the atmosphere will slowly become more stable as we lose the sun’s heating. Gradually a decrease in the downpours will occur moving beyond sunset.

It get’s even wilder as a 22,00 foot thunder snow storm surged into Henry county and produced heavy snow, sleet, and gusty winds over 30 mph!!!


A wide-spread freeze is expected overnight but we may have a small victory! With some cloud cover lingering into the night, temperatures are expected to trend slightly warmer than last night. We are still expecting to drop below freezing but the record for Thursday morning will likely not be broken. Small consolation to those of you that have seen your gardens already decimated by the chill.

A warming trend begins as early as Thursday afternoon but a huge warm up is in the works. Afternoon early morning lows in the 20s and temperatures Wednesday afternoon a full 20-degrees below normal, seventies and eighties are in the forecast arriving early next week. Spring will truly get back on track soon.

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