INDIANAPOLIS – Scattered storms and a few strong ones at that, are progressing through Central Indiana this afternoon. Showers & storms are expected to continue through much of the evening with already low severe potential waning after dark. Steady drying will occur into Tuesday morning.

A look at what’s ahead this evening

The strongest storms will persist through the daylight hours with sufficient surface heating to maintain healthy updrafts (warm, moisture-rich air rising). Any severe weather that occurs would likely be in the form of damaging wind gusts, but small hail is possible in the strongest cells as well. A few weak storms will continue after sunset, though stratiform rain (moderate downpours from dying storm clouds) will largely take over from here.

Glancing at the middle of the week

Our weather will present a less than ideal start to Tuesday with clouds hanging around through the entire morning. A northwest wind will take over and prevent us from warming up much as well. Luckily, it will remain mild overnight with a low in the mid 60s. Some sun will begin to break through by mid afternoon and eventually highs will crawl into the mid to upper 70s. It stays quiet heading into Wednesday too.

A weak low wave of energy will work through Indiana during the day on Wednesday. This will destabilize our atmosphere enough that afternoon temps in the upper 70s will initiate some scattered downpour & storm activity. There will still be some sun out there otherwise. Thursday will be similar except the chance for rain appears very slim. Temperatures will still break into the upper 70s, perhaps even low 80s, under a partly cloudy sky. Additionally, both days will be dry so the air will feel comfortable.