For the very first time this year, Friday was deemed the sunniest of 2023. Warmer days are coming but lack of rain could become a problem soon

PICTURE PERFECT spring weather and for the open to the holiday weekend. NO HUMIDITY! It’s very dry air and has warmed nearly 30-degrees since early morning lows in the 40s.
That was one chilly start Friday. Coolest lows were north, where Peru dipped to 41°. There were many locations in northern Indiana starting in the 30s, South Bend and Gary were 38° and Michigan City dipped to 36°.

The Folks at IMS and the 500 Festival should be thrilled! Friday has been deemed the SUNNIEST day of 2023. 100% sunny for the first time since July 21st, 10 months ago! Stunning images from The Motor Speedway and from all our cameras Friday.

So what is in store for the rest of the weekend? The CLOUDS ARE COMING – we will not have as clear of a day for the rest of the weekend. High/thin clouds start to increase Saturday afternoon and into the night. There will be a bit of an overcast sky at times Sunday and for the Indy 500 as an upper-low down south ‘backs’ clouds in from Ohio and Kentucky. This has been the feature we’ve tracked all week long and could still produce an isolated shower but the rain chance here is still very slim.

The lack of rain WILL be a problem soon. Most locations have not had rain in a week and may not have any for at least another seven to ten days! This May will end as the DRIEST May in five years with only half the normal rainfall.