INDIANAPOLIS – Indy avoided what may have become one of the hottest days of the summer on Saturday with a little bit of help (well, a lot actually…) from storms in Northern Indiana. Cold air from these storms pooled up and spread south at the surface, which kept temps on the milder side. Even so, the air mass is very warm and we still reached 87 in the afternoon. With more sun expected on Sunday a truly hot day appears likely.

Get ready for a summer-like Sunday

We will begin Sunday morning with a mix of sun & clouds and temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. It will feel a bit muggy, but a southerly breeze may help with some of that. Through the morning & early afternoon, our sky will remain partly cloudy. Highs are expected to reach the 90-95 range with some variability depending on afternoon storms & cloud cover. We will begin monitoring the chance for storms as early as 2-3pm in Northern Indiana and these storms will progress south through the day. The threat will end in the range of 10-11pm in Southern Indiana. Severe potential appears low, but non-zero as a few may produce strong wind gusts.

A break from hot & dry weather!

The new week will bring a much needed change to Indiana weather. We will begin on Monday with a cooler flow of air from the north and a mix of sun & clouds. Other than a stray early AM shower, the day will be completely dry. Highs will be kept in the mid 80s thanks to that northerly wind.

Tuesday will remain cooler as well, but for a different reason. A complex of showers & storms is expected to make a pass through the state, though will primarily impact Southern Indiana. A couple showers are still possible into Indianapolis, but clouds will dominate a good portion of the day even if rain does not fall. As a result, highs will remain cooler than average in the low 80s.

Our warmest day of the week may be Wednesday. A low pressure system will move through and force warmer air into the region. Highs have the potential to reach 90, but are likely to stay bit lower with the chance for more afternoon storms.