The warmest air of the year is here and the highest humidity too. The heat index topped 90-degrees in some locations Tuesday.


The temperatures and humidity surged behind a passing warm front Tuesday to the warmest weather of the year. At 5pm the temperature reached 86° and the dew point topped 70° levels that haven’t been reached since last September.

The occurrence of an 85° high is early this year, on average falling on the 15th of May and this year is nearly two weeks earlier than last year. A typical year will produce 100 80-degree days, this is the third this year.

There’s no backing-off from the warmth but some changes will unfold late tonight and to close the work week.

A complex of storms is predicted to form in southern Wisconsin late tonight and drop south during the pre-dawn hours. Remnants of the cluster of storms are possible to start the day before a hazy sun develops. While Wednesday features high humidity and a small rain chance, coverage during the day just under 20%, a wind shift will deliver a change.


The work week ends warm, much less humid and SUNSHINE will be plentiful. Thursday and Friday will be bright days and potentially some of the sunniest of the year! There have been only three days deemed 100% sunny, January 26th, February 20th and 27th.

We need more dry time – Tuesday marked the first time since mid-March that we’ve had three straight days without measuring at least a trace of rain of snow. Spring rainfall has now reached 10.22″, and despite all the damp days, we are only sitting .61″ above normal for the season.