The mild November just keeps rolling along as we topped 70-degrees again Wednesday. This warm streak is officially on the clock.


It really is an incredible open to the month, nine days in and every day has been above normal. 71° was the official high in Indianapolis with other nearby locations going even warmer. Wednesday was 16-degees above normal and the normal afternoon high for early October.

The warmth is a product of a persistent jet stream that features a large dip in the western U.S. with e a large buckle north into Canada for the eastern half of the Nation. This dramatic separation brings unseasonably warm weather here.

Temperatures are expected once again to reach/surpass 70-degrees Thursday and near a record (77°) by early afternoon. That’s nearly 20-degees above normal!

Sunshine has been plentiful too! This month marks the start of the ‘cloudy’ seasonal here but November 2022 has produced double the possible sunshine to-date. No let-up here as Thursday will be warm and sunny!


This breakneck pattern is coming to an end very soon as early season arctic air is on the move. Late Wednesday, while we basked in sunny and unseasonable warm temperatures bitter cold and harsh winter conditions are unfolding in the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest.

Many states out west are under some form of winter advisory including a blizzard warning for most of North Dakota. Late day, wind-chill temps have dipped into the single digits. Heavy snow is expected to develop Thursday with total accumulations of over two-feet possible!

We are not expecting this level of wintery weather here but out turn to chilly conditions will be dramatic. A wind shifting cold front will pass Friday ending the warm streak and delivering the chill for the weekend. Saturday’s temperatures will fail to reach 40-degrees and a passing snow flurry or two cannot be ruled out by afternoon or evening.

This is not a brief cold blast as we see this as a huge overhaul of the overall pattern. This chilly weather, as we say “has legs'”, and looks to persist well into the third week of the month. Bottom line, we may have seen the last of seventy and even sixty degree afternoons for awhile.