Sunny and warmer stretch underway, forecasting the warmest weekend in over 6 months


Upper level hihg pressure will refuse to move for several days

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This stretch is likely to run well into next week.

The air is dry, the skies will remain clear and we will cool overnight and perhaps drop to frost levels overnight. Mainly away form Indianapolis the temperature could reach the lo to middle 30s. Dry air warms fast but cools quickly after sunset.  A frost advisory has been issued until 9 am Thursday.

Frost advisory til 9 AM Thursday
Frost advisory til 9 AM Thursday


Daily afternoon warming will continue well into the weekend. After 8 nights this April reaching 32° or colder – the most for an April since 1982, we will get our first all 70° weekend for the first time since late September!

Under the weight of an upper level high pressure, a extended stretch of sunny and dry weather is coming.  Warming will continue as air sinks under the high pressure influence.  Sinking air warms, so we will add a few degrees each afternon into early next week.

Upper level hihg pressure will refuse to move for several days
Upper level high pressure will refuse to move for several days


A dry spell is forecast and lawns may need some water by the end of the weekend. An upper level high pressure will camp over the eastern US for many days. Meteorologist call this a ‘blocking’ pattern, one that keep any precipitation bearing storm system from moving east for several days.

Off the overnight computer runs, only a few one-hundredths of an inch of rainfall is forecast over the next week.

Computer forecast rainfall fll next 7 days
Computer forecast rainfall next 7 days

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