INDIANAPOLIS – A few locations began this morning in the low to mid 30s, but the majority stayed in the lower 40s with a slight shift to more southerly wind direction. Once again the morning chill did not set the tone for the day however, highs were able to rocket back into the mid and upper 70s across the state! This will not go on much longer though, change is expected in the next 24 hours as this dry and sunny pattern begins to breakdown.

A chance for rain & an approaching cold front

Clouds will begin to build overnight ahead of Thursday as a cold front and area of low pressure approaches from the west. A few showers are present along the western Illinois border and may provide some spotty precip to Central Indiana during the first half of the morning. Lows will remain around 50 degrees to start the day thanks to cloud cover, but the potential to reach mid and possibly upper 70s in the afternoon is still possible as clouds break. Even though showers will come earlier in the day, the cold front will lag behind and make its pass after dark. The result will be a sharp shift to northerly wind and another taste of fall-like air.

Coldest days this season ahead to start the weekend

Friday morning lows will be back in the 40s, but once again the clouds will cushion us from dropping farther. It will be a breezy day with cold air coming into the state and at least partial cloud cover, both of which will keep up from warming much. As a result, it is likely we face our first high temp as cool as the upper 50s.

Lows heading into Saturday will fall much farther with skies clearing with an approaching high pressure system. This is likely to be the city’s first day with a low in the mid to upper 30s! Saturday’s high may remain around the same mark as it’s predecessor with lows returning to the mid 30s overnight.