INDIANAPOLIS – Gray skies and showers have lingered across Central Indiana for nearly 48 hours, but marked drying and warming will follow soon after.

Showers & clouds linger Halloween night

An overcast sky and a few light showers will continue through parts of Indiana through the evening hours on Monday. Showers will mainly impact north & eastern portions of the state with some drizzle & drying across the metro area and locations farther south & west. Clouds will linger overnight, but this will actually keep things mild with temps in the mid 50s through midnight.

Tuesday turnaround

Conditions will shift substantially as we head into Tuesday, but the first part of the morning will remain gray with some fog hanging around. Lows will be around 50 degrees, but temps will begin to take off as fog dries up in the mid-late morning. It will be breezy and very sunny in the afternoon with highs in the upper 60s. All around, this will be a great day to enjoy the outdoors with no resemblance to its predecessors. It will be a cool night however, with the drier weather now in place.

Near-record warmth by late week

A strong ridge, particularly for this time of year, will build through the Eastern US by the middle of the week. This will continue to build through Friday with a southwesterly flow of air to further support the warming. The pattern will be supportive of 70 degree highs and the only question will be how much we exceed the mark.

As of now, mid 70s are expected Friday and Saturday with the potential for a little more than that. Saturday’s record high is 76 degrees, as is our forecast, which puts into perspective the unseasonable level of warmth we are expecting!