Bright, sunny skies are often not afforded in the month of November but we have a streak of sunny days entering the holiday weekend.

Tuesday was the WARMEST afternoon here in nearly two weeks with temperatures rising well into the 50s. 60-degree temps are within reach Wednesday as the new pattern persists. Last week, the arctic branch of the jet stream dove south across the Nation but has been in full retreat since Monday. Our air now has its origins from the Pacific ocean and the milder, oceanic air is bathing the Nation.

A long with the warm up, plenty of sunshine!

We did something we haven’t done here in four months. Tuesday was only one of FIVE days all year deemed 100% sunny! Sunny streak will continue into Wednesday.

So still smooth sailing as we remain STORM-FREE for nearly the entire Nation on Wednesday! DRY TIME holds for most of the holiday with only a few showers/light rain arriving well after dark. This will be the warmest Thanksgiving in seven years (2015 62°) with temperatures into the mid/upper 50’s.