INDIANAPOLIS – Meteorologists will talk about it becoming difficult to report on the weather when it appears nearly the same day to day. Well, this is one of those times in Central Indiana. Our warm & dry pattern persists another day with an average high of 85 and mostly sunny conditions.

Dry weather through the work week

We begin Wednesday with more of the same weather from the start of the week. Warm & dry conditions will keep on coming and we’ll warm quickly from a low in the mid 60s. High temps will reach the mid 80s, but will feel comfortable. Rain chances will be limited by a subsidence inversion (a fancy way of saying stable air in the middle atmosphere), but a few very isolated showers may pop up in the late afternoon. Another beautiful evening will follow.

Dry weather will hang around on Thursday and Friday as well. Our weather just will not change much with a high pressure system slowly meandering through the region. This will favor warm, sunny, and comfortable outdoor weather conditions, but places our rain chances at slim to none until a change over the weekend.

Finally some weekend rain…?

As high pressure exits on Friday, the door will open for an increase in humidity and chance at some precipitation. Isolated afternoon storms will be possible on Saturday as afternoon warmth nears 90. A more substantial disturbance will approach us on Sunday however, and this may allow for a scattered to widespread rainfall in the form of storms.