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We have some ups and downs this past week that featured are first real taste of arctic air. After falling to 20-degree on Tuesday morning we surpassed 50-degrees Wednesday and again on Thanksgiving. More swings are on the way.


Clouds that are advancing back into Central Indiana this evening will increase and thicken through the night providing some relief from the chill and preventing area temperatures from falling to the cold levels we had early Friday. While it was a cold Friday, the chill set the mood for the lighting ceremonies in downtown Indianapolis. There is already a warm up in the works, more noticeable by Saturday afternoon.

It is part of a fast moving river of air that carries the fast moving low pressures, “clipper” storms into the state. We briefly warm Saturday on southwest winds that elevate the temperatures back to a more seasonal feel. Mid to upper 40s are forecast Saturday before yet another cold front sweeps the state.

The milder flow of air and the increased pace of the storm system is likely to bring on a few showers across the area by afternoon and evening. The coverage will be minimal at under 20% and looks to target more of north-central Indiana.

Winds will whip up again overnight with the passage of another front, a cold front passing in the pre-dawn hours Sunday driving down cooler air to end the holiday weekend. This could be the last of the “clipper” storms for a spell as the jet stream flattens and stronger warming takes hold. Once again, the temperature turn-around will get underway with renewed warming mid-week and possibly opening December with 50° plus warmth. Stay tuned!