INDIANAPOLIS – Our warmest two days of the year came over the weekend, but temperatures have since taken a turn in a much cooler direction. Daytime highs on Monday fell to the low 60s and today they have not surpassed the mid 50s! This comes despite overall sunny weather through today as well. A lighter wind and clear sky overnight will make for a cold start to Wednesday.

A chill in the air tomorrow

A frost advisory will go into effect tomorrow morning across most of Central Indiana along with a freeze warning to the north. This is due to lows forecast to drop into the mid to low 30s by sunrise! For the same reason we cool off however, temperatures will climb under a clear sky through much of the day. We should find our way back to the 60 degree mark by the late afternoon. More clouds will enter the state ahead of Thursday morning with lows staying closer to 40.

Steady warming late week

Our weather will continue to warm on Thursday, but we will run into a few roadblocks in the form of mostly cloudy skies. An overall warmer air mass is going to keep us in the low 60s despite the cloud cover luckily. A couple showers may be present during the day, but the vast majority of Central Indiana will remain dry. Mostly cloudy conditions will remain in place on Friday as well, but once again we should stay mostly dry. Highs will increase by another few degrees.

This weekend we will need to keep an eye on storms, at least on Saturday. Severe weather potential is there too, but it appears low at this time. We’ll continue to keep an eye on forecast trends through this week.