Temperatures surge Tuesday; When was the last 90-degree day?



Wholesale changes Tuesday after a warm front swept the state, gusty southwest winds brought temperatures up above 90-degrees in many locations.

The temperature turnaround is impressive considering that 36 hours ago many outlying locations opened the month with temperatures in the lower 40s Monday morning.

The heat is spilling in from the Upper Midwest, producing record highs in Chicago and producing lower 90s in north-central Indiana.

Indianapolis has not had an official 90-degree day since early October, when the all-time highest temperatures for the month were recorded. October 1st and 2nd both reached 92° bringing the seasonal total to 26 days 90-degrees or higher.


The jet stream has set up show along the US/Canadian border, in typical summer-like fashion. That will be the location of storm clusters into early Wednesday morning. A nighttime jet stream will likely instigate the developments of the storm clusters late night. No rain or storms are expected here overnight and for much of Wednesday.

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