The chill is easing but rain chances are on the rise



Afternoon temperatures are at early to mid-March levels but up nearly 12-degrees in some locations from the same time Wednesday. Once again well shy of the normal high (66°) we have made a nice move up after some very cold morning temperatures.

Outlying temperatures were the coldest early Thursday morning and included a low of 23° in New Castle (Henry Co). The low in Indianapolis Thursday morning ties for 3rd coldest for the date but the record does not fall!

The recent cold spell has erased a large surplus in the spring temperatures evening out now to nearly half the days below versus half the days above. April, that at one point was running 5° per day above normal and among the warmest April’s on record has cooled to statistical normal.


Clouds are inbound Friday with rain not far behind. Showers will likely increase late day to a few showers Friday evening at best. The real threat for rain is Saturday with rain surging into the state around daybreak. It looks like a soggy day with rain area-wide by mid morning to early afternoon before scattering into the evening hours. That is an early take and we have some time to improve that outlook but it is certain to say that Sunday will be the better of the two days this weekend.

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