INDIANAPOLIS – Highs surge above seasonal norms this weekend with plenty of sunshine! Then a chance to get back into the 90s is coming up this week with relatively low humidity.

Friday night lights

Temperatures will remain comfortable in the 70s after sunset. Partly cloudy skies tonight. Then we drop cooler into the low 60s for the low temperature this evening.

Saturday at a glance

It’s getting warmer in Indiana! High temperatures head into the mid to upper 80s this weekend with plenty of sunshine both Saturday and Sunday!

Turning up the heat

As we stay dry and continue to warm, upper level patterns suggest a warm air mass will dominate our temperatures next week. Getting back to late September heat in the 90s is not out of the question! We’ve already exceeded our 90 degree days for the year, but Septembers have been known in the past to drop a couple extra 90-degree days here and there.

Humidity will be manageable this weekend

While our temperatures are headed into the mid 80s this weekend, dew point temperatures will stay in the low 60s. That means it won’t feel quite so miserable outside!

Indianapolis 7-day forecast