INDIANAPOLIS – It’s been quite the stretch of gray days across Central Indiana with showers & storms making several appearances too. At long last though, the pattern appears to be changing and improvements in our weather may be realized as soon as Wednesday morning.

A stretch of sunny weather

Wednesday morning will be cooler, but still above average with a lows in the 60-64 range. Patchy fog is possible through the first couple hours of the morning along with partial cloud cover. The daytime will be much improved though, and a 50/50 sun-cloud mix is expected at worst! The return of sun and some drier air will help us reach the low 80s as well. A cooler, but comfortable night will follow.

Thursday & Friday will be quite similar weather-wise with more sun than clouds and a southerly wind beginning to pick up. This will warm us from low to mid 80s, but the same dry & comfortable air mass will sit overhead. Rain chances appear near-zero each day.

Our next storm system impacts the weekend

Despite finally catching a break in the disruptive weather, our next storm system will not be far behind. Gray skies will return early on Saturday, which will be followed by rounds of showers & storms. With a southerly wind however, highs should still make it around 80 degrees. Be prepared to feel some humidity too though. Sunday’s weather will be characterized similarly with gray skies winning out and periods of showers & storms. Temperatures will begin to drop as the air mass cools and will lead us into the work week with cooler than average weather as well.