This was the longest we waited to reach 70-degrees in the month of April in thirty-eight years (1984). First 80-degree days arrive this weekend.


The wait is over – we reached 70-degrees shortly after 2:30pm Friday. The first 70° temperature this April. This was the latest first April, 70° day in 38 years (1984). Temps to continued to rise reaching 75° at 6pm – that is the normal for May 22nd. Some locations were near 80°, a temperature we will easily achieve Saturday.

What a week! Opening the work week with snow on the ground we only topped 45° Monday – more typical of a February day. The rest of the week featured a sample of a different month each day. Tuesday, 52° early March, Wednesday 64° more April-like, Thursday 69° May-like and Friday mid-May 75°. June if not July weather arrives this weekend.

We clearly jump spring and go right into summer – at least for a day or two. Getting behind a pair of warm fronts places that air here! 86° St. Louis late Friday, those southwest winds carry that warm air here for Saturday. I am forecasting a high of 85° in Indianapolis, given the air ‘downstream’ and the low levels of humidity expected in the afternoon. We will not reach the record of 88° set in 1925 but it will be rare air nonetheless. It will only be the 14th time on record that an April 23rd tops 80°.

When was the LAST 80° day in Indianapolis? October 14th. October 2021 produced 5 days 80° or higher – warmest 82°.It will not last, be prepared for the chilly change that follows Monday’s rain. The cool off next week includes low temperatures at frost and possible outlying, freeze levels. The cool April resumes to close the month. May outlook continues the trend, picking up where April leaves off with a higher probability of below normal temperatures.