INDIANAPOLIS – Rain has arrived in abundance across Central Indiana. A look ahead at the impacts with New Year’s Eve on the horizon.

Wet weather wraps up

Rainfall has been steady through much of Friday evening and will continue this way through the overnight. Rainfall will approach or surpass 1.00″ across much of the area too, certainly enough to make a dent in our ongoing drought!

By Friday morning, we’ll have seen most of the rain move out. With that said, a few lingering showers will be possible across Central & Southern Indiana through the remainder of the morning. Overcast conditions will carry on after the rain ends, but we may begin to see breaks in the clouds by the mid/late afternoon. High temperatures will be in the upper 40s.

Happy New Year!

Lucky for us, the rain will be completely gone ahead of Saturday evening. With that said, it may still be wet outside from the rain that fell earlier in the day. Temperatures will also begin to drop and will be around 40 degrees as we say hello to 2023.

Sunday morning will then begin in the upper 30s with a mix of sun & clouds. The day will warm quickly as southerly flow returns. Highs will reach the low 50s once again, even with clouds building by the start of the afternoon.

A quick look ahead to Monday & Tuesday will draw your attention to highs around 60 degrees! With those highs will come another chance for rain, but there will be a little bit of dry time to enjoy the spring-like weather.