Off to a dry start for your Tuesday morning, while temperatures remain warm and the air remains quite muggy. Some haze and patchy fog will be in play for a few communities out-the-door but no advisories expected at this time. Expect a bright sunrise and hot weather for this afternoon in central Indiana with highs reaching around 90° by late afternoon.

A storm threat remains low today and mainly concentrated for the southwestern part of the state with flooding rains still in play.

Tomorrow brings more heat and humidity but a much needed breeze! Winds will be up from the southwest at 10 to 20 mph, keeping the air moving, while storm chances remain quite low again. A heat advisory could be possible tomorrow for parts of the state, as a surge in dew points and highs reaching the lower 90’s could be enough to hit the criteria!

Storm chances rising late Wednesday and into Thursday could add to the active pattern with additional rain and storms for a larger portion of the area…this will temper the heat through Friday evening!