Clouds have been reluctant to break and the damp, cloudy conditions continue to open the weekend.


Clouds are once again ‘trapped’ under what meteorologists call a temperature inversion. Typically you cool when you go higher in attitude, but warm layer about one mile up caps a layer of low clouds beneath it. It’s the fourth straight day of completely overcast skies here and still no let-up.

More clouds coming and Saturday looks to be a repeat. Drier air arrives starting Sunday, potentially offering breaks in the clouds. Optimistic to see sun Sunday, but brighter day is expected Monday.

Expecting some improvements for the second-half of the weekend overhead. Snapshot below is from our IBM-Graf computer comparing Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.

Because of the cloudy conditions, we’ve strung together four straight days above normal. The spread between early morning lows and afternoon highs have only been 5° to 8°.


Temps to run above normal here for through the middle of next week as “flat” west to east jet stream keeps bitter cold bottled up. Warmest day could be next Wednesday preceding a large shift in this December weather pattern!

Starting late next week, a colder weather pattern is emerging. This has been expected since before the month began as long-range cold weather indicators went negative. When these two indicators go negative in concert with each other, it is a very strong signal that cold air is evacuating the Arctic and most likely dumping into the lower 48 states. This idea was slated to occur around mid-December and it is definitely on track.

Later week snow chances return to central Indiana for the first time in weeks. At this distance no storms are in the works but often the snow will follow the cold. Those smaller scale details will be resolved over time but at this time a more wintry feel is in the works for the second half of the month.