Tropical downpours arrive Tuesday as remnants of “Cristobal” move north



The sunny skies overhead are ending as clouds spread north late Monday afternoon. Central Indiana just completed the sunniest two days here since March 7th and 8th and June’s possible sunshine has elevated to 50% as of Monday. 2020 to date is among one of the cloudiest on record with each of the first 6 months all under perform in the sunshine department.

Clouds will be more plentiful tonight and tomorrow as they spread north from the remnants of once Tropical Storm “Cristobal”. The storm made landfall Sunday in Louisiana and continues to track north late Monday evening. The northern periphery of the storms cloud shield continued to spread north late into the day.


The remnants of the tropical storm “Cristobal” will create a churning in the atmosphere overhead Tuesday. Waves of tropical downpours will likely emerge and grow n coverage by late afternoon. The twist in the atmosphere from the surface and upward favors a higher threat of brief tornadoes Tuesday. When winds change speed and direction with height, meteorologist refer to this as shear and Tuesday’s environment will be loaded with shear – favorable for any thunderstorm to rotate. There is a real likelihood that a few storms that build from 2 pm through 10 pm could rotate and spur on a tornado or two. Be sure to have multiple outlets to receive warnings Tuesday.

The air will become thick with high levels of humidity and blinding, tropical downpours are also a real likelihood Tuesday afternoon and evening. The dew point, the measure of moisture will surge to the highest levels here since last September. The rich, tropical air will come up quickly and it will turn very humid by afternoon.

Rain chances are high mid afternoon on and we bracket the hours of 2 pm through 10 pm for the peak coverage of the rain and storms Tuesday.

The large web of pressure lines tightly surround the center of low pressure moving north from Missouri though Illinois by Wednesday. Strong, non thunderstorm winds will blow through Wednesday. The jet stream will carry off the remnants by Thursday morning allowing a more refreshing, milder brand of air to flow into the state and continue to end the work week.

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