Tropical downpours, gusty winds and threat of storms this evening as Cristobal remnants near



Winds are ramping up Tuesday afternoon especially in western Indiana. PEAK GUSTS include 48 mph Terre Haute, 40 mph Columbus just after 3 pm. A Wind advisory is in effect until 9 pm.

It’s a waiting game. Best instability arrives in western Indiana later this evening. ANY t-storm in this environment could rotate but question is will large scale wind field prevent vertical storm build? If so then no real severe storm threat. We feel that there will be at least a few, isolated thunderstorms develop this evening. If so, severe warnings could be required.

The Storm Prediction Center continues an outlook for the potential for severe storms this evening, along with a slightly higher probability for a tornado.


Little to no convection (t-storms) at this hour though a few storms have tried to fire. May be a few more hours til more t-storms develop. Passing downpours more likely through 4 pm.
4 pm to 6 pm could be active especially in western Indiana. Will monitor trends and any thunderstorm that does develop!


That is highly humid, tropical air in central Indiana Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday afternoon produced the highest dew point (measure of moisture in the air) in in nearly 8.5 months (September 29th). Downpours will be healthy, if not blinding at times this evening .

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