The sunny streak is ending and the 80-degree streak is in jeopardy and rain chances rise and a ‘closed low’ drops in late weekend


Well, we did it again. For the third straight day we opened cool and ended warm. Those were some early October-level lows Friday morning in many outlying locations. Crawfordsville dipped to 49°, with 50° Frankfort and Zionsville. These are the normal lows for October 3rd. We had a big rebound of as much as 30-degrees since sunrise Friday, reaching the low to even mid 80s late afternoon. This is the 12th consecutive 80° day in Indianapolis but what’s impressive, it’s NINE STRIAGHT to start the month of September. First time since 2007, 15 years ago.


A ‘CLOSED’ low opens up rain chances this weekend into early next week. This also delivers the COOLEST afternoon here since late May. Some area temps are in jeopardy of NOT reaching the 70-degree mark Monday afternoon.

Those chances for rain are on the rise to open the weekend. Saturday starts mainly rain-free but downpours are possible from noon on. The peak rainfall coverage will be nearing 40% by early afternoon. Of the two days this weekend, Sunday offers the higher likelihood for rain with peak coverage nearing 60%.

Check this out, a AUTUMN ALERT has been issued! Temperatures have dropped over 30-degrees out west behind a real fall-like front. Some locations were in the mid-90s Thursday, now reside in the mid-50s!


Pump your breaks on the Pumpkin spice! Strong evidence off overnight long-range machines that a late season HOT DOME is in the cards. Temperatures will take a dip before a late season SUMMER SURGE. Multiple days over 80-degrees are expected starting again next week and a 90° high may still be in the cards before month’s end.