Warmest and sunniest day of the new year Thursday, two cold fronts are coming



We hope you enjoyed the skies overhead and please ENJOY this sunset! Thursday was the SUNNIEST DAY in central Indiana in seven weeks! We haven’t had a day this bright all year and not since December 2nd! To-date this has been the cloudiest January open since 2005 but we have been able to string together three straight afternoons with sun. There are at least two more coming. Clouds will not really take hold again until Sunday. At least the dreary January has shown some life.


The afternoon temperatures reached nearly 50-degree on Thursday and touched 50° in many locations – the sunniest and the warmest of the year! A nice combination – but one that isn’t long lived. Two cold fronts will sweep the state sending temperatures tumbling. The first front passes this evening with a few gusts over 35 mph possible, the second front arrives with flurries in tow before sunrise Friday.

We are a month removed from the official start of winter and at this time we haven’t had one night this January below 20-degrees! That is a real mark of a mild month this far, and only the 5th time on record that a January has not produced a night in the teens. The most recent was January 2006. With a winter season (December – January and February) more than half way completed, the lack of nights below 20-degrees is also noteworthy. With only four nights below 20°, this is the least in 89 years!

The fifth night in the teens this season will occur on Saturday morning – but the chill will ease quickly. Clouds and a milder push of air will push us back above 20° come Sunday morning. The lack of the polar jet stream this year here and really across the Nation has been incredible and at this distance does not look to change.

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