Warmest weekend since September could deliver first 90-degree day of the year

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The temperatures are warm and the rain has been on hold, exactly what you’ve been waiting for right? The pattern has changed! This week delivered the sunniest day in the three months and the warmest temperatures of the year now it’s all about dry time.

An upper level high pressure or “hot dome” expands in the central U.S. entering the weekend and under the weight of the dome of heat, temperatures soar. Some locations in Kansas topped 100-degrees late in the day.

The sinking air compresses, heating up and building warmth through several layers of the atmosphere, deterring storm development and producing scorching temperatures and high humidity. When these get established in the summer months, they are often very reluctant to budge.


Friday marked the fourth straight day without rainfall in Indianapolis and the streak could extend to six days this weekend. That would be the longest precipitation-free stretch here since last October when we were dry from October 20 through 25.

Day-time heating could still produce an isolated, spotty storm on Saturday and even Sunday but the chances are quite small. Only four weekends all year have been dry in Indianapolis.

You may need to water despite the long spell of persistent rainy weather this year. This time of the year, the grass can turn brown quickly as we have reached the highest sun angle of the year. With 15 hours of daylight and the warmest streak of the year, we lose nearly a quarter-inch of soil moisture each day. Keep an eye on that lawn, you may need to water.


As the ground dries out, the thermometer will rise. There hasn’t been a 90-degree day recorded in Indianapolis so far this year – the latest into a season in five years, but we will likely reach it this weekend. Each day further removed from our last rain, the drier weather will allow that sensor to reach 90-degrees. Last year, we had already reached 90° 10 times. We average 19 days of 90-degree heat each year.

Regardless of the actual high temperature, this will be the warmest weekend in central Indiana since last mid-September. Enjoy but be careful. The abundant humidity will produce a heat index in the mid/upper 90s well into next week. The pattern has staying power with very minimal rain chances coming even into the Fourth of July. Stay hydrated and stay safe!

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