Warming up again to end February, rain chances on the rise



Clouds streaming in from southern Indiana arrives nearly area-wide by late day and showers were not far behind. The northeast bound showers were light before the evening commute but will increase in coverage after sunset.

The showers are increasing to nearly 50% coverage around midnight but will not likely last beyond 4 am. The showers will shift to the east allowing for clearing in western Indiana toward sunrise.

Skies will brighten and Saturday will turn out to be a fine day with a real spring feel in the air. Of the two days this weekend we feel Saturday will be the better of the two with better shower coverage on Sunday.


Ready for the WARMEST weekend in months? Temperatures are expected to run as much as 10° to 15° above normal Sat and Sun. Warmest weekend since mid-November. With forecast temperatures in the mid to upper 50s – the levels will be at late March to early April levels. Sunday’s high will be dependent on clouds and rain. Showers Sunday will be most numerous early in the day and the bulk of the rainfall will fall then. Some locations in south-central Indiana could receive 1.50″ of rain before tapering off by midday.

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