INDIANAPOLIS – Temperatures warming day by day as we head to the 50s across the state.

Tuesday at a glance

Average highs starting to warm

Right now we are in the coldest stretch of weather for the year with average highs hitting their lowest point at 36 degrees. By January 28th, we start to see average high temperatures rise again, when we hit 37. Take a look at the chart to see how quickly highs warm across the Indianapolis area over the year.

Temperatures warming to the 50s

Not only will daily average temperatures begin to increase soon, we get an early warm-up this week when highs reach the 50s. As early as Wednesday, Indianapolis could be looking at highs 15 degrees above normal.

Rain on the way

Rain showers are headed to Indiana by the middle of this week as temperatures continue to warm. After that, temperatures drop back off again on Friday. That will allow the available moisture to make it to the surface as snow.

Then a colder turn once again

The extra warm air will be short-lived, as a trough digs in across Indiana and brings our temperatures down once again to seasonal norms.

Indianapolis 7 day forecast