We close the books on the 8th wettest May; Has it ever rained every day in a May?

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It has rained a lot this month. Felt like it rain almost every day!  The longest stretch early in month was 10 out 11 days. So, has it ever rained every day in the month of May? Almost.

Monday was the 18th rainy day this month. 58% (18 of the 31 days) have produced at least a trace of rain or more. May is annually the wettest month with a little over 5″ of precipitation.

I’ve done some digging and found over the 146 years of weather records, many May’s have produced 20 plus days of rainfall – most recently 2016.

But you have to go all the way back to 1892 to find that 25 of the 31 days that May had rain (81%). That month received 8.83″ and ranks the 6th wettest May on record. The wettest May was in 1942 with 10.10″ with 21 days of rain.

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