A few slick spots possible early Monday morning; Watching chance for a couple rounds of wet weather

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The weekend is winding down and our weather pattern is beginning to become more active. A few isolated showers have impacted our far northern counties this evening and the rest of us could see patches of light rain or even freezing drizzle by early Monday morning. A cold front situated to our west Sunday night will move through central Indiana overnight and squeeze out any available moisture. However, the air column above us is rather dry and there isn’t much moisture to work with. Therefore, any precipitation that does develop will likely come in the form of patchy light rain or drizzle. However, as temperatures drop below freezing early Monday morning, some of this moisture could come as freezing drizzle, therefore causing some slick spots on a few roadways. It does not appear that there is enough moisture in the dendritic growth zone to produce overnight snow showers, however, a few flakes can’t be completely ruled out.

Temperatures near and just below freezing will be scattered across central Indiana overnight. Air temperatures not far above the temperature look to be slightly warmer, therefore, drizzle that forms could freeze on contact in these cooler areas.

Earlier in the season, 82% of our days had been above average. That percentage has fallen dramatically. November temperatures alone rank the month as the 2nd coldest on record, to-date. However, by mid week, seasonal temperatures will return, although it will be brief.

We have a couple more rounds of impactful weather moving our way. By early Tuesday morning, another system will swing through and bring us the chance for some widely scattered rain/wintry mix.

Thursday will be the best chance for widespread rain to develop. At this time, it appears the colder air that models had been previously projected to dive farther south into central Indiana, will stay a little farther north. This will keep all rain in our area as this system moves through. A slightly farther southern dip in the jet stream could bring colder air to central Indiana which could POTENTIALLY introduce some wintry weather back in the forecast Thursday night. At this time, that does not appear to be the case, but stay tuned!

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