After a rare sunny day, reinforcing cold coming

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Sunshine has been in short supply this year. After the cloudiest January in three years, February has struggled.

Wednesday’s sunshine was wonderful and offset the chill in the air. The February sun angle is growing each day providing more warmth and hanging around a little longer each day. Since January first, we’ve gained one hour and twenty-seven minutes of daylight and the sun strength is now twice as strong as it was on December 21st.

Wednesday was the second sunniest day of 2020 only trailing Valentine’s day (the sunniest) in a month that has only produced half the possible sunshine. Only thin, high clouds showed up on the scene Wednesday afternoon and evening.


An increase in clouds will signal a new cold front that passes early Thursday morning. The winds will freshen up from the north early Thursday with another shot of arctic air arriving. Skies brighten Thursday after early clouds and potentially a few flurries.

The cold settles in throughout day Thursday with temperatures running about 10-degrees colder than Wednesday and with clear skies, we will likely find temperatures early Friday morning back down in the single digits.

a reinforcing surge of colder air follows a passing cold front early Thursday morning

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