There wasn’t a cloud in the sky over central Indiana, until a brief passing cloud after 5pm. Could that have stopped what otherwise was the sunniest day of the summer and sunniest since February?

100% SUNNY?

JULY – the second sunniest month annually, has been lagging with only 46% possible sunshine to-date. Today (Thursday) was a benchmark day in Indianapolis.
IF this holds, this will be only the 4th clear day of 2022 and sunniest day in nearly five months. The last day deemed completely clear, February 27th. We captured a passing cloud or two after 5pm and are awaiting the final word from the National Weather Service that this indeed will be classified as 100% sunny.


But there are clouds assembling north late day. A “NORTHWEST FLOW” drives our weather here to end the work week. Embedded in the flow, disturbances (waves) that carry rain and a storm threat. The first in the series arrives this evening, impacting mainly northern Indiana.

A new storm chance and perhaps a more elevated threat arrives early Saturday morning. Should this cluster or complex indeed develop, it may be a bit bumpy to start the weekend. These storms would announce the arrival of the surge in humidity that is expected to last throughout the weekend.

The addition of showers, storms and clouds will at least allow me to trim the forecast highs this weekend. Temperatures will be dependent on the departure and arrival of showers and storms. We are still expecting the heat index to climb to and even surpass 100-degees in some locations Saturday and Sunday.
These “waves” are a bit tricky to time and track so be sure to check back for updates. I’ll be hawking over the new data and have an update again on-air at 10 and 11pm tonight.