Nothing has changed in our thinking of this storm since yesterday! We have a tough road ahead tonight and through Saturday…

Rain showers are on the increase this morning and through the early afternoon, while temperatures warm to near 40° in downtown Indianapolis! Winds should remain fairly quiet through the late afternoon too, southeast at 5-15 mph. Be sure to get that last minute shopping done today, if you don’t want to venture out in the brutal cold weather on Friday.

Late afternoon, a rain to snow changeover will occur from west to east, as the visibility will begin to reduce, while snow turns moderate. Roads will still be wet until cold air creates a flash/freeze (a rapid drop in atmospheric temperature to below the freezing point causing water on the ground to quickly become ice) likely by 7 p.m.!

A Winter Storm Warning begins this afternoon across the state and continues until Friday night. This means snow and slick roads will be likely during this time frame, use caution or stay home if you can.

Along with the intensification in snow by 7 p.m., winds will be increasing, as temperatures plummet! After dark, roads conditions will deteriorate quickly, as some whiteout conditions get underway! The worst travel tonight locally kicks in after 7 p.m. through Friday. Dangerous wind chills and wind speeds, could create power outages while snow continues to accumulate through Friday morning.

The latest snowfall map below, indicating an average snowfall total between 3-5″ in central Indiana. I still believe, due to snow ratio’s changing from 10:1 to 20:1, there could be pockets with higher totals, in pockets, exceeding 6 inches. I would highly recommend in this arctic air snow totals could go up or down with the next computer runs, so look for an update later this afternoon. Regardless of the snow totals (if they go up or down), a white Christmas is headed our way!

Dangerous cold! The deep, low-pressure will generate a large, aggressive wind field, as gusts peak to 50+ mph in spots early Friday through the evening tomorrow.

This could prompt power outages and some wind damage across the state. The wind, combined with the extreme drop in temperatures could bring frostbite in minutes late tonight through Sunday!

If you are traveling tonight into Friday, be sure to fill your tank because you will need to take it slow. Have a winter safety kit in your car with extra blankets and non-perishable food. Let a friend know where you are going and your route, again in case you get stuck.

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