INDIANAPOLIS – The coldest weather within this snap of arctic air will be in and out on Wednesday, but another round of cold weather is here before the end of the week.

Single digits temps return for some

There’s a good chance that lows reach the single digits for a second straight night across portions of Central Indiana. Just this morning, we saw lows as cold as 5 below zero!

Clouds and even a couple light snow showers will keep us from cooling too much in the evening. We will begin to clear & dry overnight however, and temperatures will begin to fall more quickly as a result. Where the morning begins clear, primarily the northern half of our viewing area, temps will be in the single digits. Where some clouds linger in the morning, temps are likely to remain in the 10-15 degree range.

The Wednesday-Thursday warm up

Temperatures will begin to warm quickly after a frigid start to Wednesday and this will be largely thanks to a partly-mostly sunny sky. We will also become cutoff from a northerly wind and a very subtle southwesterly flow will take its place. By the mid-afternoon, temps will be in the 30-35 range. That will make for a good 10 degree warm up from Tuesday.

We will continue to warm on Thursday as southwesterly flow strengthens. This will occur as the arctic high exits to our east. The day will start off around average in the low 20s, but we will warm quickly with the breeze and partly sunny sky. Afternoon highs are likely to return to the 40s although it will feel a little bit colder with the wind.

Cold weather returns on Friday

Enjoy the milder air while it lasts! A truly arctic air mass will descend on Quebec on Friday and will blast the Northeastern US with frigid sub-zero weather. While we will be largely removed from this cold air mass, it will be strong enough to bring a chill to the Hoosier State as well. As soon as it moves in, it will move out though, and we’ll be back on our way to average by Saturday.