Calmer and colder, Late season chill on the move

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Sunday’s peak wind gust in Indianapolis reached 66 mph, the highest since May 5th 2016. The HIGHEST gust ever recorded in Indianapolis is, 111 mph June 29, 1929.

Each of the peak wind gusts below would be strong enough to warrant a severe thunderstorm warning.  When convection (thunderstorms) potentially have or have produced gusts of 58 mph, severe thunderstorm warnings are issued.  The scope and reach of the wind storm was impressive with non-thunderstorm gusts/damage reported in over 18 states.

Keweenaw Point, in the northern peninsula a Michigan reported a gust of 79 mph – with snow!


Early morning temperatures were cold Monday.  The 17-degree low is the coldest since February 9th.  The chill will linger as we close out the month with signals of even colder air arriving to start the moth of March.  Late season Arctic air is once again on the move and we are expecting substantial downturn in temperatures this weekend.  The chill is to linger with indications that March will lean toward a colder than normal pattern for much of the upcoming month.

Not what you want to hear but could we be on our way to a three-peat?   With cold weather signals being strong for late season chill here, we may be on our way to the third straight year that March temperatures average colder than February.  Stay tuned!

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