INDIANAPOLIS – Temperatures will be in the range of 15-20 degrees below average to begin the month of May, but a shift in the pattern lies ahead this week.

Showers and even a few storms brought gusty wind and quite a bit of small hail to the Hoosier State this Sunday. Temperatures have been on the cooler side as well with a cold front having moved through the previous night. The rain moving across the state is attendant to a low pressure system currently centered over Michigan. This will be a slow moving system and keeps moisture around into Monday.

Forgettable Monday, Tuesday weather

We’ll begin the first morning of the new month with temps in the upper 30s and low 40s. Showers will be scattered through the region and there could even be some snow mixed in across Northern Indiana. Steadier rain will arrive by the early afternoon and will take us into the early evening. While rain falls, wind will be strong and gusts may reach up to 40 mph. High temps will be met in the late afternoon, but only in the mid 40s. We’ll begin to dry slowly overnight, but overcast conditions will take us into Tuesday.

An isolated shower is possible on Tuesday, but the day will largely remain dry. Overcast conditions and a continuous northwesterly breeze will not allow us to warm up much. We’ll see highs peak around 50 later in the day, but real improvement will not come until the sun returns on Wednesday.

Mid-late week improvements

We’ll enjoy two changes in our weather pattern come Wednesday and eventually the second half of the week. The first will be the return of dry air and that means some sunshine too. The sun itself will help get us back to about 60 degrees, but this will only be the start of the warm up. A ridge previously bottled up in the Western US will begin to shift east and give way to warmer weather across the entire Midwest.

It may take until the late weekend to reach average again, but we will certainly be in the ballpark for the remainder of the week.