A cooler start is underway this morning, out-the-door, as temperatures hover in the upper 50s downtown. Additional rainfall is expected today with scattered showers swirling around the state and pockets of steadier rain.

This could impact the track today for Carb Day at IMS. Be sure to have rain gear with you, as it will be likely needed at some point. The severe threat is dropping across the state too, as highs reach the mid to upper 60s later today.

This evening, showers will diminish and skies will clear! This will be the end of rainfall for Indiana and for the holiday weekend. Due to clearing skies, cooling temperatures and damp ground…fog could be an issue through 10 a.m. tomorrow (Saturday).

Sunshine builds tomorrow and temperatures return to seasonal levels by the afternoon. More sun and heat will kick in by race day afternoon, as dew points slowly climb through the day and winds increase from the south at 10-16 mph. Our Sunday morning race day coverage begins at 6 a.m. with temperatures in the middle to upper 50s…such an incredible start under clear skies.

Memorial Day looks sunny, hotter and more humid with highs reaching near 90°!